Thursday, August 30, 2012

first post

hi. welcome to my study abroad blog, where I will be writing about my experiences (hopefully not sporadically). a little about me, the blog, my program, etc:
I'm 20, I'm a psychology major, I'm from Seattle, I love learning new languages, I dislike math but thankfully can still add subtract multiply and divide. I'm into shopping, eating, sleeping, reading, watching USA Network and The Daily Show, social media, gummy vitamins, and my dog. I would rescue shelter animals but I'm allergic to everything, so instead I rescue stuffed animals from drugstores. I'm an art history nerd and I speak exactly zero Italian.

the URL for the blog comes from two things I love: myself, and Michelangelo. umm, kidding (though I do love Michelangelo). to be honest, all the clever/overdone names I could think of were taken, and I enjoy alliteration (just a little though, too much alliteration is actually awful). also, I hope that by placing my name with arguably the greatest artist of human history I too will achieve some sort of greatness, though my greatness will likely be related to some sort of credit card debt record and/or something highly athletic (right). as for the title of the blog, you know the saying: when in Rome, do as the Romans do! 

I'm fortunate that my school has a close relationship with Trinity College in CT, and that Trinity has a campus in Rome, Italy. my program is all American college students living together in Rome, on the Aventine hill. I will be taking Italian 101 as well as 4 other classes. there are a few other Oxy students going on my program as well, one of whom is one of my best friends (hey Mackenzie). how lucky are we? stay tuned for double the trouble adventures.

that's all I've got for now. my next post will be from ROMA!