Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Things I miss about home + things I will miss about Rome

my time abroad is quickly coming to a close. final papers are being turned in (...eventually), I'm scrambling to cross off bucket-list items, and Christmas music rings through the halls. people ask me a lot if I will be sad to leave or if I'm ready to get outta here, and the truth is it's a combination of both. I will be heartbroken to leave Rome. it's been an incredible semester and I still can't wrap my mind around how lucky I have been to see all the things I've seen. I've gotten to travel to so many cool places I never thought I'd ever make it to, I've seen ancient monuments and spectacular art, eaten SO much good food and made some great friends. I don't know when the next time in my life will be that I will get to travel so much in Europe.

that being said, I miss home terribly and I expect that by the time I need to pack up my little single room and head home, I will be ready to leave. here's a short list of some things I miss about home followed by a list of what I will miss the most about Rome.

- my family, especially my smelly dog tinkerdink
- being able to drive anywhere I want
- having a functional phone
- basically every ethnic food there is but especially Mexican
- my full wardrobe, I'm sick of wearing the same four sweaters every day
- on that note, my jewelry and makeup. why did I only bring one color eye shadow?
- craft beer (blue moon I am coming for you)
- having a refrigerator
- free laundry
- being skinny...well, skinnier
- Oxy!! I miss my friends so much and I miss campus life so much I am so excited to be back!

- the FOOD! pasta, pizza, cappuccini, GELATO, the cheeses and the cold cuts (back to vegeterianism once I'm in the States!), suppli and arancini, the cookies (I will possibly miss the cookies the most)
- having the freedom to travel and sightsee and explore Rome
- proximity to other cool countries
- the three story Zara
- Borghese Gardens, the museums, the piazzas
- jaywalking
- being legal to order a drink with dinner
- and of course, my program - the people, the friends, the faculty and the nice man at the front desk of the hotel that orders my takeout food, kills bugs for me, and fixes my broken umbrellas.

things I won't miss about Rome include the fact that nothing is open on sundays or mondays and the national propensity for running over pedestrians. vehicles 3, Madi 0. also the portion of the European community that doesn't accept body odor as a real thing and won't wear deodorant. and the buses at rush hour.

to do: eat at restaurants I STILL haven't made it to yet, pick up presents for friends and family at home, and finish this darn paper about Michelangelo. sidenote: thanks readers for getting this little bloggy to 1,200 views! my mind is boggled (bloggled?) that that many people have read my rambles. love you all.

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